Steve's Sports and Auto - Snowmobile Rental Agreement Form
Please print out this page, fill it out, and fax/mail it (along with the Rental Details Form) to us.
Place a check next to the statements below to signify you understand and agree to them.
Renter is at least 18 yrs. old and has a valid drivers license. State ___ # _______________________
If a Minnesota resident, and born after 1976 renter has a MN Snowmobile Safety Certification
I will abide by all Minnesota laws concerning operation of snowmobiles.
Renter agrees to ride snowmobile only on the marked and groomed trail system.
Renter agrees that he/she is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol and that he/she will not use drugs or alcohol during the rental period.
There are no refunds for early return of the rental snowmobile.
Snowmobiles returned without a full fuel tank will be charged $40.00.
Overnight rentals will be returned by 9 am.
Late returns will be charged $50.00 per/hour late charge.
Renter will make a damage deposit of $1500.00 per machine.
Renter understands that any parts damaged will be replaced with new parts by Steve's Sports at the renter's expense.
Renter agrees not to let any other person operate the snowmobile during the rental period.
Use proper fuel, as instructed by dealer (91 octane minimum).
Renter will not get on or off machine while motor is running.
Renter will not check any part of the snowmobile while it is running.
Renter understands how to start and stop snowmobile.
Renter understands how to operate the throttle, brake and safety switches and will always check them before operating the snowmobile.
I have been instructed and fully understand how to properly operate the snowmobile I will be renting.
All lights are working properly and renter understands how to operate them.
Renter and any rider on the snowmobile will wear a helmet during the operation of the snowmobile.
Renter will not let any part of his/her body or clothing come in contact with track (eg: long scarves).
Date: ___/___/_____     Print Name: ______________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _________________________     _____     _________

Renters Signature: ______________________________________

Lesee agrees that he/she will be fully responsible for any damages or injury of any kind arising out of the operation of said snowmobile and lesse shall hold harmless and indemnify lessor against all such damages or injury claims or losses. To be filled out at Steve's Sports:
Rental# ________   # Of Helmets ______

Renter's Signature and Date: _______________________________

Witness Signature: ___________________________________