Snowmobile Rental Information
Yamaha Nytro- $260 - 1 person
Yamaha Vector- $295 - 1 person
Yamaha Phazer - $ 260 - 1 person
Yamaha Viper - $295 - 2 person
Skidoo Expedition - $260 2 person
Skidoo Renegade 600 - $ 295 - 1 person
Ski-Doo Grand Touring 900 - $295 - 2 person

  Full day:$295/$260  
1/2 day*: $225/$240
Extra days**: $225/$250 a day

Tues-Wed-Thurs Special $225/$250 << Rent >>
(further info)
> Helmet rental available: $10 per day
**Extra Day rates do not apply for December 23rd - January 4th of any year
*A '1/2 day' is 4 hours.
A Full day is 10am to 9am the following day
* - We will not reserve sleds for 1/2 day rental. 1/2 day rental is on a first come, first served basis.
$50 per hour charged for late returns
Steve's Sports Online Snowmobile Rental

Thanks for deciding to rent with Steve's Sports!
In order to rent snowmobiles with Steve's Sports from our webpage at this time you must:
1. Call us (218-387-1835 or 1-800-487-1835) so you can check if the dates you want are available with us.
2. Print out and fill in the two forms linked below. Then fax them to us, or mail them to us with your deposit check.

What You are Responsible For:

When you are renting from Steve's Sports you take full responsibility for the snowmobile and equipment that you sign for. This responsibility starts when you take possession of the equipment and ends after the return inspection has been done. You are responsible for theft, any damage on the sled whether it is your fault or the fault of another, and anything beyond normal wear. There will be a $1500 credit hold damage deposit on your credit card. More policy information; cancellations, deposit, no-snow, and other notes are below.

The Rental Agreement Form
and the Rental Details Form.
(both of these links open new browser windows so that you can print them easily)

We're open 8am - 6pm Mon-Fri, and 8am - 1pm Sat, and Steven or Jason can help you with setting up a rental.

Steve's Sports and Auto
531 East Hwy 61 P.O. Box 939
Grand Marais, MN 55604-0939

phone: 1-800-487-1835 or (218) 387-1835
fax: 218-387-2713

Deposit Policy: Due to the significant number of no shows the past few years, it has become necessary for us to institute a reservation policy with a $100.00/per sled/per day deposit. Example: 2 snowmobiles for 2 days would require a $400.00 deposit. Deposits will be taken by check only and when the check clears the reservation will be confirmed. Please mail this to us, with your phone number in the 'memo' field on the bottom of the check after your dates are confirmed.

Cancellation Policy: If your cancellation is made 15 days or more before your scheduled rental date, Your rental fees will be refunded, but a $25 per snowmobile handling fee will be charged. If your cancellation is made 14 days or less before your scheduled rental date, you will not recieve any refunds

In the Event of No Snow: A full refund will be made. This will help insure that the people who want to rent and make reservations will get their snowmobiles for their dates.

< Minnesota Residents: If you were born after 12/31/76, you must now have a safety certification to ride in Minnesota. Previous snowmobile safety courses/certifications taken (including youth courses) do count. If you have never taken a snowmobile safety course before, you can attend classes held at various locations in Minnesota, or get a CD with training materials and a test mailed to you from the DNR. For more information: Check Here
If you want to get the CD mailed to you, email and put something like "Snowmobile Safety Course - CD Request" in the Subject line, and include your mailing address in the email (they don't give any real help on the website in this regard, but we have done this and recieved the CD in 3-4 days, set aside a good hour to review the CD's materials, and pay attention to some of the math/numbers in the information, it IS on the test! :) )